BoTCoin® Market is the world’s first regulated, Blockchain-powered international settlements service. It is regulated by the EU-based Maltese Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and enables Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML)-verified telcos to trade and settle instantaneously.

Using its US$-pegged token, BotCoin®, it removes all the inherent commercial and cost inefficiencies that materialise when Banks undertake international settlements, enabling a new way to do business with your trusted industry peers and with it, significant financial and operational benefits.

Who is it for?

BoTCoins are only currently issued to an existing BoTCoin Market Member, which by definition, is an existing KYC-verified trade partner of IMC’s Bank of Telecom® (BoT). The Bank of Telecom has over 1000 carrier Members trading voice, SMS and data services in the international telecoms market with over 30 carriers joining every month. These members can now enjoy instantaneous, secure settlements to all fellow Members, with BoTCoins being redeemable in 170+ countries in 162 currencies.

BotCoin Market promises to challenge Banks on international settlements to the benefit of all telcos trading internationally. It only is a matter of time before industries can leverage Blockchain in some way and now, it’s been made possible with BoTCoin Market.

BoTCoin® Market: Fast. Secure. Cost-effective. Everything your bank isn’t.